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Im worried I have ms my cousin has it and

Patient: Im worried I have ms my cousin has it and suggested I talk to my doctor I’m having severe symptoms and I need advice I don’t want to go to my doctor unless I know i have the right idea



Doctor: Hi.Thank you for writing to us.Can you please elaborate upon your symptoms, when it all started and what the cur rent status is?Please feel free to ask any further questions.Regards,



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Patient: My left arm started to hurt so bad about two weeks ago at first I only had weird twitches all over my body now my legs get this muscle pain but my left arm I can barley move now and I have no control over this twitching in my first two fingers off and on and my lips go numb and tingles I keep dropping things randomly my hands give out really bad fainting spells with head ach and lately I can’t remember simple things the memory thing is getting worse too I think those are all my symptoms I’m not sure things come and go

Patient: Having trouble urinating and if I cough I lose bladder control

Patient: Oh it all started with the dropping and twitch about a year ago

Patient: Also the other day walking home my muscles in my calfs tenses up so bad I couldn’t move things are getting worse but I don’t want to sound like a hypochondriac to my doctor I need to know if this is serious or something that will improve over time

Patient: Oh 1 thing I should add I had blood work 2 weeks ago my sodium was very low and iron and doc said red blood cell was off a bit but nothing to be concerned about my thyroid was normal ( I have Graves’ disease) and everything else was fine too I have also type 1 diabetes and glaucoma and RA

Patient: Probably unrelated but I get sudden ringing in my ears the lose all hearing and get faint I have to lie down or I hit the ground

Doctor: Hi. To summarize, your symptoms are
1. Twitching of the body, fingers and lips
2. Trouble urinating
3. stiffness and cramping of calf muscles
4. Low sodium, low iron
5. Graves disease, diabetes and RA
I believe the twitching, numbness is due to RA involvement of the neck / cervical spine causing compression of the nerves in the neck
the cramps/stiffness of calf muscles can be due to RA as well.
the twitches are most probably due to Graves disease or low sugar levels
I am not able to explain the urinary symptoms and ringing in the ears.
You should also be thoroughly investigated as to why the sodium and iron levels were low. You will also need an MRI of the cervical spine to identify the degree of involvement of the cervical spine
Hope this helps. Bye


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