Im worried that i might have rabies? so plz help me.

Patient: I was bit by a dog about 6 years was my pet dog and it got vaccinated but the dog bited when i stepped its tail without knowing and by the time the vaccination period for dog is completed and i didnt re vaccinated it..and im afraid now what might happen to me cuz im having weakness and fatigue and blood test say that i have typhoid in beginning stage and now its been 27 days that i have this weakness ..and im thinking did i got rabies? so can u guys help me plz

Symptoms: Fatigue and nails are turning light blue at start

Doctor: Hello. Welcome to Ask The Doctor.It is very simple. Since your dog has bitten you 27 days back then in case your dog i s rabid he must have shown signs and symptoms of Rabies.If your dog is behaving normally then your dog probably doesn’t has rabies and you are safe.See your doctors for the symptoms you are describing. They might be due to typhoid or viral infection.I hope it helps.Stay Healthy.