Imflamed Throat

Patient: My throat has been inflamed for around two months now and it does not seem to be getting any better. I do not have any symptom of a cold, nor do I have a fever. I simple feel like there is something in my throat when I swallow and I think that’s caused by the swelling. I have no idea why or how it got inflamed. Can anyone help me out? I’ve tried gargling salt water practically every two hours but it only make me feel better slightly and it comes right back. The doc said it’s very common for teenagers to get it but didn’t really give me a way to solve the issue. It’s been two months and now I’m kind of worried.

Doctor: While it is common for young persons to get sore throats, it is not common for the condition to last for two months. . T here are a few conditions which could explain your symptoms including a bacterial or viral infection, trauma (such screaming, shouting) and tumors. Viral infections are by far the most cause of sore throats but usually resolve within a week, so I do not think that that is the problem in your case.You need to have your throat examined by an ENT specialist. A complete examination will be able to better identify the specif cause of your issues.