Implant contraceptive and pregnancy.

Patient: I have had the implant in for around three to four months now, and i think i am pregnant. i have had some tell tale signs like, being sick, really sore breasts, milkspots on my nipples,being constipated, a heavier discharge, a swollen belly, needing to go for a wee very frequently, cravings, headaches, and feeling really run down and tired,and bad back ache, i took a test last week, and itwas negative, and i took one again today, andit was negative. i went to the doctor and she said it may be to early to tell if i am, but she didnt give me any other information for what i should do or anything,im really scared as i heard the implant can affect a pregnancy, what do i do?

Doctor: Typically implants have a very low failure rate.However there are still chances of getting pregnant.Since you seem to be experiencing symptoms of pregnancy you may want to wait to take another pregnancy test first before removing out the implant. If you are pregnant however you would have to remove the implant as it does secrete hormones and this may affect your pregnancy. You need to repeat the pregnancy test in the next couple of days.