Implantation bleeding or periods?

Patient: Hi I never had regular periods.since 3 months i hv regular periods as i am taking duphaston 10mg to regulate my periods.i hv to take pills for 10 days 2 times a day from 16th day onwards when my periods i was getting my periods on 8th if it was 30 days month n on 9th if its 31 days month.nov 08 my periods started n i had sex on nov12 as i was nt bleeding.this month i was expecting my periods on dec 09.i had spotting on dec 06 altough i nvr had spotting before periods.i had no pain in lower abdomen too altough i had always heavy pain in lower abdomen during periods.dec 07 i had bleeding like regular is dec 09 i hv still bleeding like i am confused is it periods or implantation bleeding.i shoud hv got my periods on dec 09 if i m taking pills to regulate my periods.this nov i forgot to take pill 2 times so i took 11th day means 1 day more.i have constipation n last week headache every day.this week i m always hungry.plz advise me.should i do pregnancy test at home?