Implantation bleeding vs. Early Period?

Patient: On Sunday I had sex with my boyfriend. I was not very naturally lubracated and we did it unprotected for around 2-4 minutes before we used a condom. It was quite rough. I didn’t noticed any bleeding later that day but yesterday I woke up gassy and noticed some blood when I wiped (pinkish and a little brown.)Today I had the same gassy issues/period feeling and later in the day noted the bleeding had started again along a little red clot when I wiped more period like. My period have always been some what irregular, but it is about a week or week and a half from when I should be starting.My concern is that if I get my period in a week or so, how will I know if it’s a normal period and not implatation bleeding? Can the bleeding I am expiercing now be attributed to rough sex and not enough lubrication?Thank you.

Symptoms: Bleeding, gas,

Doctor: There can be some amount of bruising in your vagina if the sex has been rough. This may lead to spotting or bleeding tha t usually only lasts for a day. Since you used a condom during the intercourse it is unlikely that you could’ve gotten pregnant (if the condom remained intact). Whenever in doubt while using the barrier methods such as condoms, it is sensible to combine it with emergency contraceptives or spermicidal jellies to make sure there is additional contraceptive cover.Implantation bleeding is seen as spotting or a lighter form of a period in pregnant women. The fertilized egg, when it implants into the lining of the womb causes some amount of bleeding from the site of implantation. This is generally called as Implantation bleeding. It is light pink or brownish in color and typically lasts only for 2 – 3 days. The bleeding is characteristically seen 6 – 12 days after ovulation and is many a times mistaken as the period by many women.The best way to know if the bleeding you are experiencing is Implantation bleeding or a period is to do a home pregnancy test. You just have to follow the instructions on the pack and you can test yourself without any hassles. In case of implantation bleeding you would test positive for a pregnancy. Although I think it is unlikely that you could be pregnant, if you are stressed, there is no harm in taking a pregnancy test. The best time to test would be atleast 2 weeks after the day of the intercourse or a day or two after missing your period.