Implantation or period?

Patient: Days following ovulation I was having mild like period cramps. The day before my period was suppose to start 13dpo I had pinkish/brown spotting and mild period like cramps. It was there when I wipped. Thought my period started early so I inserted a tampon. Hours later nothing on tampon. The next day 14dpo I started my period late in the evening and bright red. Period lasted for 3 days instead of my regular 5. I’m wondering if I could be pregnant. I never spot before period and I only cramp the first day of my period. I have doctor appt scheduled for 22dpo. I hope I’m pregnant but prepared to get a negative result.

Symptoms: Mild cramping, headaches

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.Many physical, psychological and hormonal factors can affect menstrual pattern.So minor alterations in the pattern of the menstruation can be seen sometimes.Menstrual flow between 3 to 5 days should be considered as normal only.Premenstrual spotting can be seen sometimes because of hormonal imbalance.And of course minimal spotting can be seen during early pregnancy in some women.So, please go for urine pregnancy test.That can possibly help in clearing the confusion.Take care.