Importance of Having STD Tests Even Without Symptoms

Patient: I had sexual intercourse on saturday night, i used a condom but it broke. i did not ejaculate. on tuesday night i felt a small pinhead ball on one of the ends of my right testicle, the more i felt for it the more tender it became. is this an std? if so what should i get tested for? thanks

Doctor: I would suggest you get tested for the more common STDs (HIV, Syphilis, HPV etc). What you have on your testicle could j ust be a pimple or folliculitis (inflamed hair follicle). However, it is still important for a doctor to see that because Syphilis, Chancroid (Hemophilus ducreyi infection), HPV (genital warts) or Molluscum contagiousum may have a similar-looking lesion. Since the condom broke the intercourse is considered unprotected. It will not matter if you have ejaculated or not. Some STDs are transmitted by mere skin to skin contact; others can be transmitted if the organism will gain entry into the blood e.g. one may have small cuts on the genitalia which may not be visible or painful and during intercourse with a person with STD, it can be effectively transmitted to the partner. Bear in mind that most, if not all STDs have asymptomatic states; one may harbour the organism for a very long time having no signs or symptoms but can still effectively transmit the disease. That is why most physicians agree when a patient requests these tests. Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C can also be transmitted sexually; most if not all blood-borne transmitted infections can also be transmitted sexually. Early detection of these infections is important so it can be treated promptly and prevent transmission to future sexual partners. Most of these STDs when left untreated can also invade the bloodstream and wreak havoc in your body (e.g. gonorrhea). I hope this helps and please remember to practice safe sex always.