In February my husband had his teeth pulled for dentures

Patient: In February my husband had his teeth pulled for dentures. Everything seemed to be healing fine except one lump above his right incisor. One week ago today he woke up with the right side of his face swollen. The dentist opened his gums, scraped his bone and sucked out the infection. She sent him home on amoxicillin. Yesterday he developed a stuffy nose and a generally not feeling well. He stayed in bed this morning because he can’t breath. I find it strange even with antibiotics he develops nasal congestion. I don’t know if I am over worried or if I need to make him go back to the dentist or perhaps our family physician. The swelling is no longer and the wound is closed and healing fine.

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.Post extraction lump could have formed because of residual infection, remnants of dead b one pieces or tooth. Nasal floor is in close proximity with the root apex of the incisors. Deep cleaning of the wound could have led to the perforation of the floor causing nasal infection/ congestion or it could be just coincidental.Now as swelling and pain are reducing most likely no further intervention will be required.Still in my opinion it will be better to once consult an ENT Spl for further evaluation & management.Meanwhile to relieve congestion you can use nasal drops & do steam inhalation.