In January, I was working out in the gym on

Patient: In January, I was working out in the gym on a leg press machine. The seating position is reclined so that it is easier to perform reps by pushing the weights forward and letting it fall back towards me by bending at the hips and knees. Still warming up, I was performing the exercise at a weight not even half of my max at the time and something happened. Upon letting the weight come back towards me, my hips came up a little off the seat folding me more than usual. Immediately, I felt a shift in my lower back and knew something was wrong. My pushed the weight up applied the safety as a tingling sensation began in my legs. Standing up, dizziness overwhelmed me for a few seconds followed by hearing loss. The hearing loss was so much that I could barely hear the music in the headphones for 5 minutes until everything went back to normal. Following the dizziness and hearing, sharp pain ran through my lower back for the next 24 hours with bending at the waist practically impossible. After the 24 hours, the pain eased off so much that I could not tell I had injured it the day before.Since that day, I have continued to have problems with my back. I am 21 years old and have been a very active person my whole life. Weightlifting has a been a serious commitment the last 2 years and I typically workout 5-6 days week even now in May. However the injury to my back has caused me to abandon some exercises. I completely stay away from the leg press machine that I injured myself on, dead lifts (or any bending down and lifting exercises). Even basketball and some ab exercises have to be done with care since my lower back to make itself known again quickly. Before my injury, I have never dealt with any kind of back injury, but I have been waking up in pain in discomfort everyday since. I still continue and hope to workout as much as I can with as less pain as possible.Based on all of this, what do you think happened to me? And what can I do to get help for my back?

Symptoms: Temporary hearing loss and dizziness and unable to bend at waist because of sharp pain, constant pain now