In mid-January, I had unprotected oral sex twice about 4-5

Patient: In mid-January, I had unprotected oral sex twice about 4-5 days apart I think.2 MonthS later, I got very worried that I may have contracted HIV and I took a test that came out negative. However, to this day I am still getting very nervous.I have two questions for you:1. What are the chances that I contracted HIV from oral sex. To give in detail, both were about 5 -7 min. And I did not swallow his semen. When I finished I kept spitting out to make sure all the pre-semen did not stay and then thoroughly washed out my mouth and brushed my teeth.2. Is 2 months a good amount of time to get tested, because I have heard conflicting views, most saying that one should be tested A.S.A.P. Btw, the results were negative.Sorry if I wrote too much, but I sincerely regret what I did and am hoping to God that it will be good news.

Doctor: Hello,Thank you for your medical query at AskTheDcotor.comI totally understand your concern and apprehensions.T he fact is, there is a very low chance of developing HIV from oral sex, until and unless the person is active stage HIV, and the semen is swallowed or there is some open mucosal lesion in the partner’s mouth through which the virus can go in.So you should not worry.2 months is good enough time provided you are not immunocompromised. Since the tests are normal, you have nothing to worry about.Hope this was helpful,Regards

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Patient: Thank you so much doctor