In need of revision surgery , with conplicaitons with the other knee

Patient: I have had bi-lateral knee replacements and still having a great deal of pain in both. My surgeon informs me that I have alot of scar tissue in one which is causing the pain when I am using it. My question is this. since I am having issues with pain and mobility in one knee, what are the chances that it will be stable and usable enough for the doctors to do a revision on the other?

Doctor: Unfortunately, that question can only be answered by your surgeon. A thorough examination of both knee joints is require d to determine stability. Without the benefit of an examination and the appropriate tests such as x-rays, I am unable to determine your knee’s level of stability.From your description, it seems both knees are in need of surgical revision. It is likely that your surgeon intends to eventually operate on both knees. Perhaps operating on the more severe knee first.