In November, my lover insert his fingers in my vagina.

Patient: In November, my lover insert his fingers in my vagina, he told me he had no cum or precum in his fingers . Towards the end of thay month I had rashes on my arm and the back of my hands they might have been anxiety rashes and I had missed my period on the month but I had cramps when my period is coming and on December 5, I had my period. During the month of December I experience stomach pain some time before or after Christmas. My breast was sore and possible swollen, my stomach was bloating , it looked like i was pregnant. I felt i was going to throw up but i didnt . I have lost my appetite ever since. Jaunary, i had my period but i still have stomach pain and constipation, increase gas and burping and i had headaches. February 5 i had my period amd experience pain below my belly button and the left side sometime above it hurts.My question is could i have been pregnant if i miss my period on November but have my other period the last three months?Also my doctor said i have constipation.

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the queryNo, there is no possibility of pregnancy on missing one period, followed by getting regula r monthly cycles. Pregnancy does not happen by fingering, it needs direct contact of a vagina with penis , along with an ejaculation inside the vagina.The symptoms you have been experiencing are preoccupied symptoms of thoughts on pregnancy and due to anxiety. Constipation as told by your doctor, can be dealt with high fibre diet, lots of water consumption and reduce stress and include more physical activity.Hope this helped.Regards