In pain but pain relievers aren’t working

Patient: I’m having stomach pain, back pain, breast soreness, headache, fatigue, and throwing up what could be wrong?

Symptoms: Coughing, throwing up, breast soreness, fatigue, back pain, and stomach pain,loss of appetite

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for choosing “Ask the Doctor” for posting your query.The symptoms that you have presented with like body pain, fatigue and loss of appetite appears more like viral infection. Mild to moderate viral infection improves on its own. You might just need to take some NSAID like Tab.Paracetamol 500 mg two to three times a day for symptomatic relief. Medicines like Ranitidine or omeprazole along with domperidone combination may help you to alleviate vomiting and stomach pain. You should consult your physician and get the medicines prescribed. Gargling with warm water and salt added to it 2 to 3 times a day might help in reducing cough.Hope I am able to answer your concerns.Wish you good health!