In the morning and while driving I sneez a lot

Patient: In the morning and while driving I sneez a lot and feel irritation in my nostrils…its been one month I m facing dis problem ….Please help me….shall I do some yoga.

Doctor: Hi welcome to Ask The Doctor,Nasal Allergy is not associated with fever, body aches etc. as in common cold and hence , it may not disturb your daily routine. It is usually seasonal; trouble you early mornings and late evenings; there are usually recognizable triggers like weather, cold air, dust, smoke, pollen etc., According to Yoga, Nasal Allergy is considered as a manifestation of a minor imbalance in Prana and hence we get very quick results in persons who undertake the practice or Integrated Approach of Yoga Therapy. Regular practice of a basic set of breathing exercises (Tiger breathing, rabbit breathing, sasankasana breathing), loosening exercises (jogging, twisting), suryanamaskara, yogasanas (12 postures in standing, sitting, prone and supine positions), pranayama, meditation (on “OM”) along with the lifestyle change through Jnana, Karma and Bhakti yoga are to be learnt to overcome the problem of Nasal Allergy.Hope this helps.