Inability to have sex or use tampons

Patient: I cannot have sex or even use a tampon without experiencing quite a lot of pain. I have tried lubricant and nothing eases the experience. When trying to have sex, my partners penis will not penetrate, as if he is hitting a walk. Even using a tampon is impossible as I try to insert it and it will only go so far and then will push itself out. This is not only an inconvenience but also puts a strain on our relationship and upsets me quite a bit. I have seen my doctor and had a physical examination but was referred to a gynecologist, this gynecologist cannot fit me in to be seen for 10 months as it is not seen as an emergency. I would appreciate any help?

Symptoms: Unable to have sex or use tampons.

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.It is unfortunate that you have undergone so much of a difficulty in having an intercours e. I understand your feelings. The reason for the same could be a dry vagina, no adequate lubrication, less time given for foreplay which causes very little vaginal secretion making it tough for penetration, any obstruction in the vaginal orifice, a tight vagina and even fear of sex .Kindly use the lubricant half hour before and while your partner is ready for penetration, he may also use a lubricant along with you. Also indulge in a good and long foreplay before the actual intercourse. This helps natural way of wetting your vagina with secretions and prevents dryness.Also, avoid anxiety and keep yourself calm and relaxed.Share an emotional bonding and understanding with your partner, and try multiple times with these steps.Incase, even after the above, you have the same problem, you will need to see a gynecologist personally.The doctor will have to examine you and look for any vaginal abnormalities or the causes for the poor penetration.Serial dilatation of the vaginal opening under anesthesia may be helpful if other methods fail.Wait for your turn to meet the doctor as there is nothing much that can be done without getting to examine you.Regards