Increase in heart rate, bulimia related.

Patient: Hello, I am a 22 year old British female, currently living away as a diver, away from parents and away from my GP, I have been noticing my decrease in health since I started up an old habit of throwing up my dinners and most things I eat. I thought id only do it for a while to drop a bit of weight but its now been 3 months and I cannot stop… I hate doing it and I know its bad, its too hot to exercise and I cant seem to break this habit. I am mostly worried for my heart as I have notice a great increase in my air consumption when scuba diving, and get random pains in my chest. I also find myself shaking all the time and I can feel myself getting weak.I’m also worried for my teeth, skin, hair, nails and generally getting brittle and weak, is there anything you could recommend to help support this apart from telling me to quit and be healthy, because I know that’s the best option and I will eventually… I know its bad but for now is there any supplements or anything that could support my body for now?… Please help me!

Symptoms: Obvious increase in heart rate