Increase in height after cobalamin deficancy and cobalamin replenishment.

Patient: Hello, i am a 33 year old male i had an episode of psychosis when i was 31 where i was found to have a vitamin b12 deficiency, as a child i had the sleep disorder delayed sleep phase syndrome which turned in to none 24hr sleep wake syndrome in teenage years, i was found to have gilberts syndrome at 16 when my eyes changed yellow from billirubin, and i also had some mild learning difficulty’s in school, i have had mild to moderate psychiatric problems since 20 years old and at age 31 suffered an acute psychosis and was hospitalized where they found me to be deficient in b12 i was given b12 and when my b12 levels were over 500 my sleep disorder of “none 24” reverted back to my earlier in life sleep problem of delayed sleep phase syndrome, which is more easy to deal with than none 24hr syndrome, my bilirubin levels also became normal for the first time in my adult life, my doctor has been seeing me regular to keep a check on me but we have discovered that i have grown over 1 inch in height from age 31 to 33, my question is this an effect of the b12 replenishment and its effects on spinal cord regeneration? as we have worked out from previous blood tests and symptoms that i have been chronically deficient in b12 from at least age 11-16. thank you..