Increased stress causing Decreased Sleep.

Patient: I m teacher. My age is 35I get exauhsted aftr taking 2 classes continuously. I cannot sleep b4 12.30am. I cnt do much work. Plz help.

Doctor: The stress of your schedule could be the cause of your exhaustion, though there may be certain underlying problems like anemia, hypothyroidism that can cause these symptoms too.I would advise life-style modifications like a healthy diet, plenty of exercise and yoga for stress. You have also mention that you have insomnia. You may benefit byi) Going to bed at the same time every dayii) Avoiding exercise, caffeine before bedtimeiii) Using the bed for sleeping only. Don’t watch TV or use cell phone when you are in bed.If these lifestyle modifications don’t work, then you mat need to see your physician for blood test to rule out anemia, hypothyroidism and also for anxiolytics.