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Increasing knee pain in 24 yr old, tiptoe walking

Patient: I am 24 years old and female. I have had dull knee and back pain my whole life and recently I have started to get worried about my knees, the pain is gradually feeling more noticeable and I get bouts of sharp pains in them when exerting myself or at work. It feels similar to when an ice cube touches a bad tooth, a very sharp and deep almost stinging feeling. It happens frequently. Running feels bad but I can ride a bike. Is it simply because I’m getting to my mid 20’s? I have a few factors I want to mention about my health: I have walked on my tiptoes since childhood, a doctor told me I need to stretch out my achilles tendons, and someone else told me tiptoe walking might wear away knee cartilage.



Symptoms: Pain, knee pain, back pain, sharp pain, ache, stinging, aching, knees, soreness, sore

Doctor: Thank you for choosing ATD.It seems that you have Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome. PFPS is a disorder in which the pain seems to be at the back of the patella and in front of the femur. The pain is also called runner’s knee.Here are some of the symptoms of PFPS:- Knee pain – this is pain present around the knee and increases while climbing or descending stairs- Crepitus at the knee- Giving way of the kneeIn your case, I think that this knee pain is caused by tight anatomical structures which are causing the pain.You should go to a Doctor to get this checked out and to reach a conclusion. The Doctor if confirming this as PFPS may treat you with:- Rest- Icing- Compression of the knee with a crepe bandage- Elevation of the knee joint- Exercises of the knee and physiotherapy- Braces and taping- NSAIDs such as IbuprofenI hope this helps you. All the best.


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Dr. Suneel Sharman M.D.

Dr. Suneel Sharman M.D.

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