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Indention in arm and low circulation

Patient: I just noticed an indention on my right arm in the middle of my shoulder muscle. Since I have noticed the indention I have become very aware of it and can’t tell if I am just being paranoid that it feels off and my hand has felt numb, or if it is real.



Symptoms: Indention on arm, numb hand



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Doctor: Hello,Welcome to Ask The Doctor.We understand your concern.See the indentation, I can see there in the photograph and the way you are describing it is normal. This is because there are is biceps and triceps muscles overlapping at that point.As far as the numbness in your hand is concerned this is unrelated to the indent.I would recommend you that you need evaluation as follows:1. Fasting blood sugar.2. X-ray Cervical spine.3. Thyroid profile.As far as the indent is concerned that is absolutely normal.I hope it helps.Stay Healthy.

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Patient: The indention is above the line of muscle overlap by an inch or two.

Doctor: Dear Friend.
As far as I can appreciate in photograph it is normal.
Good Luck.


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