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Ask The Doctor is the world's easiest to use health platform. We are trusted by thousands of users daily and have helped save many lives.

In just 3 simple steps, you will be connected to one of our top doctors to receive immediate help. If you require a specialist, we will connect you with them instead.

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To get the best answer, include as much detail as possible. Upload any reports or images if you choose.


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Choose whether you would like your question to be answered by a general physician or a specialist.


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Simply input your credit card details or use PayPal and receive your answer immediately by email. Ask The Doctor offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


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Ask The Doctor wants to give everyone affordable and immediate access to health care.

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Get help from a doctor whenever, wherever. Just ask your question, upload test results or photos and get immediate answers, referrals to specialists and prescriptions sent to your local pharmacy if required.


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  • 11

    I invested in Ask The Doctor because it is the first platform of its kind that also allows you to help your existing patients in your practice.

    Dr. James Obaji M.D.

  • 11

    With rising costs and accessibility barriers, health providers will need to take an innovative, streamlined and hybrid approach to get people the care they need.

    Dr. Suneel Sharman M.D.

  • 11

    After receiving advice on Ask The Doctor, the appointment booking system we are building will change the landscape of how patients access medical care in all realms, including cosmetic procedures in plastic surgery.

    Dr. Kunaal Jindal M.D.

  • 11

    I have been involved with Ask The Doctor for many years now. The e-prescribing capabilities being built will really disrupt the whole pharmacy industry.

    Dr. Patrick A. Golden M.D.

  • 11

    Being an ENT specialist, I have realized there is much need for technological growth. I got involved with Ask The Doctor as an investor and advisor to make this a reality

    Dr. Zameel Dewji M.D.