Indications for Contraception and other Options

Patient: Do i have to be of a certain age to buy the contraceptive pill, and can i buy it across the counter? (i am 16)

Doctor: As far as I know, in most countries, a prescription is needed for contraceptive pills. For those women of reproductive a ge (that includes you) who are not planning pregnancy may use contraceptive pills. However, there are certain conditions wherein using contraceptive pills might be risky (thromboembolic disease – condition wherein blood is thicker than usual, therefore it clots easily and can potentially clog blood vessels, migraine headaches, impaired liver function, smoking, gallbladder disease, etc…). If it is your first time to use the pill, consult with your doctor first to avoid serious consequences. Bear in mind that the contraceptive pill cannot prevent sexually transmitted infections, and perfect use is required to optimize prevention of pregnancy. This means taking the pill on the same time every day. Condoms are effective in preventing common sexually transmitted infections but only ~97-98% effective in preventing pregnancy which means there is a 2-3% chance (seems small, but very real) of getting pregnant. I do hope this helps.