Infant allergies

Patient: My daughter is seven months old and has been having allergies since about a month old she has been on every type of fourmula and is curently on amino acid based every time we switch it seems like she might get better but then takes a turn for the worse she was tested for milk and soy alergies at about for months old they can back negative and the allergist said that only means shes not anaphalcticly allergic ive cut out all milk and other irritants like polyester she sympoms are not improving and it seems like the allergist does not want to investagte just tells me she prone to ezcema and itiching but its clear to me somthing else is going on every formula has corn syrup the amino acid based is 55% could she be alergic to corn and could I try to put her on whole milk or soy

Symptoms: Rash ittching breathing problems

Doctor: The most common food allergy or sensitivity among babies is to cows’ milk protein, found in most formula. And about half of the infants who are sensitive to cows’ milk are also sensitive to soy-based formula. Some of the most obvious signs of this sensitivity include a rash, hives, eczema (dry, flaky patches of skin, especially around the forehead), and vomiting. In view of Milk and Soy being negative, you may ask your Allergist to test for Corn as the possible cause of her sensitivity. But, before that, I would like you to visit a Dermatologist to rule out other causes of eczema like fungus or contact dermatitis (allergy to something that comes in contact with the skin). All the best!!