Infant Fever

Patient: 1 year old grandson has 102.4 under his arm what does that equate to? he does not want to take any liquid and he vomitted his bread and cold water i gave him 3 hours ago

Doctor: I understand your concern about your grandsons fever. Certainly at this time of the year viral respiratory process are c ommon. You will have to add one more degree to your values.I will suggest you to give your grandson over-the-counter fever reducers, including products that contain acetaminophen (Tylenol) or ibuprofen (Motrin or Advil) and also apply Physical methods to lower his temperature. If the child has an infection, using a fever reducer will not help your child to get better any faster, but they will probably make him feel better. You should also give the child a lot of fluids when he has a fever, so that he does not get dehydrated. Dress him in light clothes as well.If the fever persists for the next days or new symptoms develop such as ear pain or mucus production, a visit to his pediatrician might be granted to rule out the possibility of bacterial infections.You might want o give him Pedyalite with a teaspoon to avoid vomits, after he rehydrates he will start feeling hungry again and with more energy. I wish him a prompt recovery.