Infected butt that’s swollen

Patient: My Butt half is swollen and seems to be quit hard. Around my genitalia below the butt I broke out with some pimples that were swollen, treated them with bactracin and desitin and they seem to have cleared up and now the whole half of my butt is swollen and is hard like one big pimple. What can I do? I am a male. Cecil

Symptoms: Congestion in my chest slight cough can’t really sit affecting walking

Doctor: Hi,Welcome to ATD. Thank you for the query.Your butt has been infected by bacteria. You can try to treat this by u sing hot fomentation. Hot fomentation will cause the opening of the wound and cause the wound to secrete the pus. Once pus is secreted, the wound is cleaned with Antiseptic solution.Once the wound is cleaned, cover it with a bandage to prevent reinfection. If the wound does not heal, you may need Antibiotics for treatment. All the best. I wish you have a speedy recovery.