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Infection with Urinary bladder

Patient: Hello Doctor,i have problem with Urine smell from my urinary side it is along from over month ago from last week i have started my traeatment from Goverment Hospital They have given me Norfloxacin and Tinidazol Tablet, Glocid 150 MG FOR 3 DAYS , and after this again i visited that time i have tell doctor that smell has stopped but unfortunately smell continues actually this disease has come to me becuase of sex with lady i know that lady but i have made mistake that i dont have used Condom as she have this disease may be and becuase of her i have infected with disease. after again doctor had given Glocid 150 and 3 days interval l have buy from medical store Norflox – TZ contains Norfloxacin, Tinidazole and Lactic Acid Bilcillus Tablets for 10 days of course i am takiing it from 1.5 DAY please tell me about the perfect solution i can cure from this urinarry smell disease




Symptoms: Smell from Urine very dark smell of Urine

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.A UTI is a urinary tract infection. It can involve the entire urinary tract. Some people are predisposed to UTI because of the anatomy of their body. This can cause backflow of urine and also, it can cause the growth of bacteria in parts of the urinary tract.Here are a few symptoms of an UTI:- Burning sensation while urinating- Frequent urge to urinate- Pain in the lower abdomen- Strange smelling urine- Weakness- Fever and chillsHere are some treatment options:- Antibiotics- Paracetamol to combat fever- Cranberry juice and water can help flush your system as wellIf these things don’t work, you may talk to a Surgeon to help you if there is an anatomical defect.I hope this helps you.


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