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Infections after birth

Patient: Hello I gave birth to my beautiful son vaginally, 2 weeks later ER found a foreign object left in my body. I started to get severe pain over the course of months and continue with it today (had recurring infections after this). I had an ultrasound done which revealed fluid on the fallopian tubes and swelling. I guess I am just worried about not having children anymore and I am not getting any answers…can this cause infertility? Could an infection have caused this swelling of the tubes along with fluid they seen on ultrasound. I am due for other tests and possible laproscopty..but want to know what you may think this is and what can or could have caused this to happen to me..I will say again I did not have ANY of the issues until a month after my son was born. Thanks!!!!




Doctor: It is indeed very unfortunate that you have suffered so much as a result of a medical mishap.Pelvic infections as wel l as inflammations of the fallopian tubes can lead to adhesion formation, destruction of tubociliary function etc. which may lead to permanent tubal damage leading to infertility. Since you have been treated in time, it is difficult to predict how much damage may have occurred. It would be a good idea to undergo a hysteroscopy ( telescopic examination of the inside of the womb) as well as a laparoscopy (telescopic examination of ovaries, tubes and uterus) to know for certain if there has been any damage whatsoever. If the tubes are patent and the uterus and ovaries are normal, you can safely assume that your fertility has remained intact.With modern assisted reproductive techniques, there are various solutions possible to many fertility problems. Discuss these alternatives with your doctor to get a more complete understanding of your reproductive future.


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