Patient: I have returned to a relationship with an ex but it’s long distance so we haven’t been able to have sex regularly in the last year. However he did visit for two weeks in July and we had sex regularly and I know we had sex during my fertile period and before and after I was to ovulate but I didn’t get pregnant. He has three kids with two different women. Is it possible that due to the irregularity of having sex is why I can’t get pregnant? My cycle is usually 24-26 days. This last one was 22 days and that happens every so often. I’ve never had an abnormal pap smear or women’s exam and have them yearly for the last 7 years. Could I have an issue with fertility or is it possible that it’s due to the infrequency of sex? I am only 29, almost 30 but that biological clock is ticking and I really want to have a baby (could that be another reason why I’m not?).