Infertility after menopause

Patient: Hello Doctor Hope you are doing good. We were planning for kids and then I was diagnosed with EndoMetriosis cyst which was removed 8 months back and later i had 2 sessions of depoprovera. Since 2 months i am not getting my periods and doctor has advised me to wait till i get my periods naturally and then have yasmin contraceptive pills. i am getting frustrated by all this and since one i am just around this cyst. i am not sure how long more i should wait to get my periods as i read online some women take around a year after the last dose of depo provera. Can you please suggest me if there’s any way how i can plan for pregnancy quickly

Symptoms: Headache,cyst,infertility

Doctor: Thank you for your query.Depo Provera injection provides long term contraception i.e. ~3-4 months from the last shot. The most common side effects being irregular bleeding or spotting. Depending on the woman’s body the contraceptive effect may remain longer. It may take ~ a year or two for some woman to conceive after stopping the provera injection. You can start using the contraceptive pill once you get your period for regularization of your menstrual cycle. After your periods are regularised you can use ovulation induction medication followed by triggering ovulation with a hCG shot & timed sexual intercourse will help you to conceive faster. This all has to be done under the medical guidance of a gynecologist. Do consult your local gynecologist.Hope that answers your query. Have a good day.