Infertility caused due to decreased sperm motility

Patient: I recently gave a sperm sample and I was told in return that my sperm count was just fine, but my sperm were not moving properly. They were wiggling, but they were not moving forward. I was just wondering why this would be and if I would ever be able to concieve? My partner has already had a child in a past relationship, so I can almost gurantee it is my sperm mobility preventing us from having a child.

Doctor: There are sever factors that can lead to decreased sperm motility also called asthenozoospermia. If a diagnosis of decre ased sperm motility is made, the test should be repeated to assure that condition did not cause the problem. Causes of decreased sperm motility include abnormal spermatotogenesis, epididymal sperm maturation problems, transport abnormalities and varicocele. All these conditions may need to be evaluated by your doctor if your sperm motility is repeatedly low.