Infertility from last 2.5 years. failed 3 iui’s . doc suggesting laproscopy . should i go for direct ivf .

Patient: am from india . my name is sara . I am 30 years old and my husband is 35 years. we have been married for 2.5 years and trying to conceive since then. I have never used any kind of medicines . I have been taking treatment from 2 years now . All my tests including fsh , lh , and other blood tests are completely normal . I have done hsg test of tubes . it is also normal . my ultrasound shows a small cyst on ovary which doctor says is no issue. My husband has done semen test many times and it varies from 40 to 60 million but his testosterone level is low . I have undergone 3 iuis and taken gonodotrophins once to which I responded very well ..every time follicles rupture but I cant conceive . now doctor is suggesting laproscopy and hcg but I want to know . can I go for ivf directly without laprp or it is advisable to do lapro first and then move on to ivf . I have frustrated because of oll this . kindly suggest me .