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Infertility in Men – Causes and Treatment?

Patient: Hi my boyfriend just told me after a year of dating that he can’t have babies that is why he is not proposing. He is not educated and clueless about the infertilty cases in men, he was married 9 yrs ago and took medication for a year with no use as he said. he said the doctors told him that his sperm comes out dead. As for me I am well educated with a masters degree in communication and see life in a different perspective. My boyfriend doesn’t want to see a doctor with me to see if their is alternatives and I am afraid to take a step without knowing that we tried. Is their hope what is his case called in medical term, can we go for other options to get me pregnant. please help



Doctor: Fertility issues in men could be cause by various condition. Your boyfriend has mentioned about problems with his sperms . This could be due to i) decrease in sperm numbers known as azoospermia, ii) Decreased sperm movement and shape called asthenospermia. A lot of underlying medical or genetic problems can cause infertility in men and the prognosis will only be clear with a through history, physical examination, semen analysis, ultrasound examination of the testis, post ejaculate urinalysis and testicular biopsy. The chances of fertility may be improved with various treatment options like extraction of the sperm directly from the testicles and use it to fertilize an ovum, medications to stimulate sperm production etc. depending on the cause azoospermia.



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Guest: doctor tanks for a;; your responses.
i want to know?
please my friend has (testicular artophy and bilateral varicocele) he is undergoing a surgery now for it.
1.the challenges is the testicular atrophy , were if here is a physical damage to the testicles, there is a challenges with the sperm production, erection,(early ejaculation and libido).
2. will he still be able to father children after the surgery?


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