Infertility issues associated with Klinefelter

Patient: My husband an I would like to have a child. However, my husband was diagnosed with Kilnefelters syndrome in 2008 and is just starting on testosterone shots bi-weekly as of May 2011. We are wondering what the chances of concieving naturally would be if at all possible. Also wonderinghow long it takes for the changes to start being noticed(muscle mass, mood changes,hair growth etc) I hope you can help thank you in advance

Doctor: The Klinefelter Syndrome is characterized as a chromosomal disorder (47 XXY) associated with Hypogonadism (small testis s) and infertility (low production of semen and spermatozoids due to a primary testicular failure), gynecomastia, low serum testosterone levels. Currently, there is some ongoing research that involves microsurgical testicular sperm extraction, which can be used for fertilization in vitro.  The younger the patients,, the more successful this technique. The researchers in New York (Univ. of Cornell) said that, most men with Klinefelter are not sterile and have a good chance of successful fertility treatment, although require both surgery and assisted reproductive technology.