Patient: I am 30 year old and my wife is 27 years old ,we are taking infertility treatment since one year, my wife s Mantoux test found positive then our doctor advised us PCR TB test Mens blood sample which found negative than after some month of medication our doctor done laparoscopy and found both tubes was blocked, swollen and twisted, doctor said us that one tube has been operated and opened 50 percentage satisfactory level. Our doctor also advised for IVF because opening of tubes are now not possible.she also prescribed us 90 days Pelvic TB medications.

Doctor: Sorry sir , your question seems to be unclear, if I understand it right are you asking about why pelvic TB medications w ere prescribed or about IVF? The whole problem is understood but what suggestion you want from me is not clear.However, if it was regarding the anti pelvic TB medications – these medications may not be necessary but it is always better to prevent than cure , as your wife was positive for mantoux once .They might have prescribed you to not even take 1% chances as IVF may be the only way to conceive.