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Inflamed right labia minora

Patient: Why is my right labia minora constantly swollen? Cyst, hormonal imbalance or infection (fungal or bacterial)?



Symptoms: Hi Doctor, thank you for your time. Here are my symptoms:
* Swollen/inflamed right labia minora. Has been this way for a few months. No pain. Not protruding out of my outer lips. No discomfort to walk or sit down. Approx 2-3 times the size of my left labia minora.
* Vaginal ulcer(s) inside my labia majora which resemble canker sores approx 1cm circumference. Generally just before my menstrual cycle. Disappear after a week max normally 1-2 days. Happened for the past 3 months. Before their appearance, labia majora gets swollen, red and is itchy. Once they surface those symptoms subside including burning when urinating. Overall do not find them painful. They are flat with a yellow film on the top (resembles colour of pus). No scars or marks left once they’ve healed.
* Hard painless lump in left groin crease between thigh and vagina. It is under the skin, able to grab it and is the size of petits pois. Has been there for about 6 months.
* Discharge is normal expect 1 very recent instance of heavy watery discharge throughout the night. Had oral sex 3 nights before.
* Went to see GYN a couple of days ago & he saw my most recent ulcer and swelling in labia minora. Performed an internal exam, asked if I had any pain and took a PAP smear. Said he all felt normal internally. No pain whilst the examination was being carried out. I am a UK citizen living in Thailand and have been for 21 months. He did not take any swabs of the ulcer or didn’t appear to be concerned about the swelling in my right labia minora as told me not to worry!
* Previously before my menstrual cycle I would suffer with boils on my vagina, with one becoming very large in April 2012. However, usually they would be quite small and disappear once my period commences. Since the start of the vagina ulcers 3 months ago I have not had not 1 single boil.
* With previous sexual partners my right labia majora has swollen up after sex. Which is probably due lack of lubrication and/or rough sex. Has always gone down in 24 hours.
* I am also currently taking Cerazette contraceptive pill which I have done so since November 2013 and only stopped taking it for 1 week in March 2014.
* My last STD check up was December 2013 and I received the all clear.
Thank you once again.





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