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Inflammation on left of head

Patient: Hello,2 months ago, a group of people stopped me in the midnight and beaten on my left side of head repeatedly. However, there was no pain for 2 weeks but later I have found that there was inflammation on my left side of head. I have taken MRI scan also. Doctor told that nothing is happened in brain so no need to be worried of inflammation. I am little worried because still there is inflammation. Whenever I do fomentation with cold water, inflammation would be reduced but after some time comes back again.Doctors suggested to me use below tablets for inflammation.Chymoral forteI want know how long it takes to recover from inflammation on head? Please provide us suggestions to be followed to reduce inflammation.Regards,



Symptoms: Uneasiness



Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.Any type of injury or swelling is only treated by RICE regimen. RICE regimen is using th e following things to help you reduce the swelling:Rest the are affected, do not let it get injured and avoid strain to itIce the are for 15 minutes at a time every hourCompression is not possible near the headElevate the head to allow the blood flow back to the heartChymoral Forte is a good tablet to use to reduce the swelling. Also add Ibuprofen to help you to reduce the swelling as well.Hope this helps you with recovery. All the best.

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Patient: Thanks for your valuable response, I want to know how long it takes to become normal situation because I am little scared of using tablets daily from 2 months… Also Do I need take Ibuprofen along with Chymoral forte or only Ibuprofen?

Patient: It’s been more than 80 days that I am using Chymoral forte for reducing inflammation but still it is not reduced. May I know How long do I need to use the chymoral forte… Please suggest me and also advice how long it takes to recover from inflammation.


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