Influenza after sex.

Patient: I got influenza, nausea and vomiting problems hours after having sex, many times with earache and sometimes with headache or even both, i vomit everything that i eat and i even vomit the phlegm that reach my throat..

Symptoms: Earache, vomiting .

Doctor: Thanks for your question.Though it is difficult to diagnose as during the flu, one gets high grade fever with malais e and body aches, so in true sense you can’t get a flu after sex but I understand, sex can precipitate kind of “exertional headaches” (a type of headache caused by increased blood pressure in the brain that usually occurs during exercise) or “pre-orgasmic headaches”which can lead to vomiting as well.Recently, it has been found in some dutch studies that men who come down with a flu-like illness after having sex may have an allergy to their own semen,The condition, known as post orgasmic illness syndrome, causes feverishness, runny nose, extreme fatigue and burning eyes. The symptoms appear minutes after the climax and last for up to a week.You need to talk to some sex therapist. Hope this helps.