Info about pregancy why this happen ceseren

Patient: Hi doctor i wan some information about pregnancy.My wife delivered at jan 3 Cesarean with normal baby. everything is all right. but at 8 month my wife wtg. 55 kgs and then after she went to father’s home within one month her wtg. gain 57 kgs . doctor has already given dilivery date 4 jan .when she went to routin check up at 3 jan tha doctor advice pls do sonogarpy. In sonogarphy the baby weighat is to large and liquid around baby was low. so doctor quickly decide to do ceseren . then what happen in one month the liquid around baby had low. at 9 month she in resting position at her dad . Is this reason to ceseren. can you tell me.At 8 month everything was normal she has to work for me she has to every activity as housewife . so what wrong in 9 month

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