Information Regarding Pregnancy.

Patient: I am in an active sex life. i am 22 female. it was my ovulation day yesterday. Me and my partner had intercourse yesterday. the condom just touched his penis,the wrong side. we flipped it and is 17 more days to go for my next periods but i am bleeding today.i had taken an emergency contraceptive pill 6 days earlier.Can i be pregnant?anything to worry about?can precum get me pregnant?

Symptoms: Bleeding, Stomach Ache

Doctor: Hello,Thank you for your query at understand your concern.If you’re sure that no semen went in from intercourse then the chances of pregnancy is negated.Since it is your ovulation date, the risk is always higher. The bleeding is not related to intercourse, it could be a mid-cycle bleeding, possibility of it being triggered by the emergency pill remains.No study has proved that pre-cum can lead to pregnancy. Yes, theoretically they say there is a chance, but no one has ever been reported to be pregnant from pre-cum. So do not worry about that.Hope this was helpful,Regards.