Ingested food contaminated with smoke from burning plastic.

Patient: My partner cooked chicken in a new oven… it was VERY smokey and we assumed it was just something to do with it being a new oven. It turned out that there was probably some kind of plastic in the oven; under the tray at the bottom there were the remains of what could have been some kind of wrapping or foam that was meant to have been removed before use. So in addition to my partner being exposed to 30 mins of plastic smoke – we ate the chicken (this was before we found out about the plastic). It tasted quite bitter. I’d like to find out what the short or long term consequences of eating chicken smoked in plastic (either some kind of film or possibly a thin sheet of polystyrene) fumes could be? Thanks

Symptoms: Stinging eyes, possibly a little lightheaded (but that could be psychosomatic caused by worry)

Doctor: One time injection of toxic plastics or chemicals should pose no long term risk. Risk to human health from chemical expo sures as described occurs over timemShort term, symptoms may be consistent with food poisoning but should resolve within days.I would not worry about this one time incident.