Ingrown Toenails and Treatment

Patient: Recently i have been getting pains in my two toes. My mother has said it is ingrown nails. And it has been there since august 2011 and i dont know what to do, We have started soaking it in warm water with salot. I am scared of surgery, but if it wil help then thats what i have to do. But, if possible is there anything i can do first? Also, i dont want people to see my toes, so if i have to put sandals on whhat can i do so nobody see’s it. Thank you x

Doctor: Ingrown toenails can occur when the corner or side of the toenails grows into the flesh of the toe. Wearing shoes that a re too tight, cutting toenail too short and injury to the toenails are certain risk factors. Though you can treat an ingrown toenail by soaking in warm water and antibiotic creams, but since the pain is continuing for several months, I would advise that you see your doctor to the affected part of the nail to be removed. Common treatment options include lifting of the nail, partially removing the nail and in severe cases, removing the portion of the nail and tissue surrounding it.