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Patient: Inhaled Copper (maybe lead) fumes through vaping.I am a ex-smoker, turned to vaping for help. I had quit smoking and been vaping for a year. It helped me quit smoking.Last week I ordered a new atomizer (atty) for vaping. It was stainless steel with two copper posts. They are cheap and made in China, so I thought the copper would contain lead in it. The post touches the heating wire,cotton and juice (which could be acidic since its grape flavor).I vaped on that atomizer for a week until I started having issues with my cognitive function and mood. Every time I vaped it smells a little metallic (copperish). Now, I am feeling brain dead. I space out all the time, have problems remembering things, and have been aggressive and irritably lately.My question is did I just poisoned myself with copper (with lead alloy) fumes and is it permanent and what can I do to get rid of these symptoms or detox my body.

Symptoms: Lower cognitive function (trouble thinking, remembering, spacing out)
Anxiety, Depression (I never had mood disorder before, I’m usually always happy)
Mild diarrhea, nausea
blurry eyes

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Doctor: Hi,Copper toxicity can occur from eating acid foods cooked in uncoated copper cookware, or from exposure to excess cop per in drinking water or other environmental sources.Acute symptoms of copper poisoning by ingestion include vomiting, hematemesis (vomiting of blood), hypotension (low blood pressure), melena (black “tarry” feces), coma, jaundice (yellowish pigmentation of the skin), and gastrointestinal distress.I must admit that there has been no reported case of copper poisoning due to vaping. But, copper poisoning due to long term use of copper vessels is known.Treatment involves treatment with penicillamine and dimercaprol. You should get copper levels checked in the blood before starting treatment

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Patient: Well, I’m having weird symptoms like brain fog and dizziness after vaping on this that is why I’m worried. I heard that lead/copper poisoning have some effect on cognitive function. I’m just worried that Chinese quality copper in a clone atomizer would have other alloy and wouldn’t be safe to vape. For example like lead?
What if it is heat up to a certain temp would it gas out some toxic fumes that could cause damage to my lungs or body?
Would the e juice be contaminated since its sitting right next to the post cause you said if its acidic it would be bad for the body and I don’t know if my juice are acidic? It does taste metal though.
Do you think there is lead in this type of copper. If it was made in the USA and priced higher I would not worry.It’s cheap so I think there might be other alloys like lead in it.
I’m just concerned, not that much about my lungs but my brain. I’m just feeling very sick and spaced out lately.

Doctor: Hi. It is likely that if the finishing is not done correctly, one can inhale higher quantities of copper. You will have to do lab tests to see if the copper level in your blood is higher than normal. Needless to say, please stop using the atomizer.
If the copper levels are higher than normal, you will need to take penicillamine or dimercaprol to detoxify

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