Injured back causing blood in stool?

Patient: I am a emt and was lifting patients and hurt my back the next day when i woke up i had real real bad pain… i have gone to the dr and he said there was blood in my urine (i didnt see any) and said i most likely tore a muscle and gave me naproxen and now a week after my injury still in bad pain i have blood in my stool could it be related? im only 20 i weight 220 and im 5’6”

Doctor: Blood in the urine could have been because of the acute back pain as there can be some amount of strain and break down o f the muscle thus relasing myoglobin which can manifest as microscopic ie unseen hematuria. However it is highly inlikely that the blood in your stool is due to that. It could be due to other causes of rectal bleed like a peptic ulcer, a hemorrhoid or anal fissure or an infection. You need to get your stool checked and keep a watch on the same. All the best.