Injured Knee by Snowboarding

Patient: I hurt my knee three years ago on a snow boarding trip. I told my parents about it, but they said it would just go away. It never did, and in face in got worse. Now when I put pressure on my knee or when I walk around the back and inside of my knee begin to hurt so bad I have to sit for awhile. A few times it has even given out when I am standing around. What do you think is wrong with my knee? What should I do about it? And did I wait too long to talk to someone about this?

Doctor: Direct blows to the knee or twisting/ rotational movements may produce injury of the ligaments, menisci, bones or capsul e, but if there is no significant swelling or deformity, and no limitation on the active movements (flexion, extension), a fracture or dislocation can be ruled out. Also if there is no instability or locking a menisci lesion may be ruled out.The suggested strategy for the initial treatment includes: use of local ice, rest, elevation of the leg, anti-inflammatory drugs (as “aleve”) and the use of a knee immobilizer. If all these directions are followed, then the normal function should return in few days, but if the pain, swelling and limitation on the movements persist an Orthopedic Surgeon must re-evaluate the injured knee.