Injured my hip but no convenient transport to ER for checkup. Need immediate advice!

Patient: Hi Doctor,My name is Dougal and I live in Santa Monica, CA.About 45 minutes ago, I was doing pull ups on the pull up bar attached to the doorway. Unfortunately, it didn’t hold properly and I fell directly on my right hip.I can’t bend my right leg while standing on it without experiencing an intense sharp pain in my right hip. I can’t tell whether the pain is from muscle or bone. This pain is making me unable to walk properly(right now, I can only take a few small steps). I also cannot escape a slight pain when I bend my right knee back and forth while sitting down. I also cannot stand up for long.However, sitting down without moving my leg relieves the pain. I haven’t tried lying down yet.Because I’m a student and I don’t have a car, I do not have much means to go to an ER just for a checkup. But if it is serious, I definitely would rush to one. So I was wondering, is there any advice that you could give to further ‘test’ my hip to see whether there are signs of a seriously injury or not?I hope to hear a reply as soon as possible, and I thank you in advance for your advice.