Inner Knee Pain Report – What Treatment can I take?

Patient: Hello Sir,I am having Knee Pain in my Right Knee for the last 6 Months. The pain is heavy when iam standing for long times and while walking and the inside pain is like something needle pain inner in my leg.I have taken MRI Scan for my Right Knee that the Report tells that…Very minimal knee joint effusion.Grade I meniscal changes visualised within the anterior horn of lateral meniscus.The posterior horn of medical menisci show normal morphologyNo free fragment seen in the jointThe anterior crucite ligament apperars normalThe transverse ligament appears normalThe bones around the knee joint show normalThe articular cartilage of patella femur and tibia appera normalSo kindly please tell what that the MRI Report tells I cant Understand It?So what type treatment can I Undergo For this Problem?Thanks,