August 15, 2018

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Inner right knee pain, while walking, and to the touch.

Patient: Why is the inner right knee pain not subsiding? It has been 3 weeks since I went hiking, although, I do not remember any injury the day of the hike. The first week there was considerable swelling, which has since gone down, yet, the walking pain, and pain to the touch is probably worse than originally. The location is my inner r. knee, about even with the base of the knee cap.



Symptoms: Walking pain, pain to the touch, an “ache” that refers to the tibia, or possibly fibula, not sure on the anatomy.



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Doctor: Thank you for your question .I note the location of your pain on the picture and the fact there is no pain at rest.I also note the pain occurred after a hiking trip.This is classical for small ligament strain or early platella femoral syndrome. Both these conditions present with similar symptoms and can not be differentiated without an exam by a trained physiotherapist or chiropractor.Response to treatment is rapid and when it does not occur, Xrays should be done to rule out a stress fracture.


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