Inner thigh lump on quad muscle

Patient: I have suddenly noticed a hard lump about two inched by two inches and about four fingers length above my knee on my inner quad muscle. It only hurts if I massage it. I exercised hard last week. Should I get it checked?

Symptoms: Lump on inner thigh muscle

Doctor: Hi,Welcome to Ask The Doctor. Thank you for your query.It seems like you have a muscle injury. This occurs when the blood supply to the muscle reduces during exercise. When muscle is injured, it will swell and hurt when it is pressed.You can recover from this type of pain by administering a self massage. To do this, heat the affected area with a hot rubber water bag. After the muscle is warm, massage the muscle slowly. This will loosen up the muscle and promote blood flow. After this, the muscle should loosen up and the pain should go down. Repeat this 2 to 3 times a day till the pain goes away.If the pain does not subside, please consult a Orthopedician.