Intact hymen or not

Patient: I want to know if my hymen is intact.How can I tell and examine myself if it is It very important, I never had sex. A hymen must break on my wedding in my culture. There times when I look at my vagina and the opening looks very circular and small it’s about the size of qtip and then there other times I look at it the opening is larger than a average finger and itlooks like a vertical slit.When I closely examine my hymen when it is the size of q tip you can faintly see the slits but it almost appears to be glued togther from lubrication, it kind reminds like I have a third pair of labia. Please help, it’s very important

Doctor: Thank you for your question. The hymen is a membranous structure that is formed during the development of the female fet us and covers the vaginal opening. The hymen can have many different configurations from being completely imperforate, to microperforate, and septate. The only way of determining if the hymen is intact is by conducting a pelvic exam with trained physician. If you have never had sexual intercourse, or have never have had a pelvic exam or inserted any object into you vagina, then the chances of your hymen being intact are good. You need not be concerned.Thank you for choosing